Website Redesigned with Community-Sourced Translations

Please enjoy this delightful new layout. Loris worked hard to make the website pleasing to the eye on various screen sizes and color scheme preferences as well as friendlier to programmers with a wider range of backgrounds.

I watched Loris perform due diligence by carefully choosing which aspects from established programming language websites to copy, and which aspects to omit for Zig. But even more importantly, he actively sought feedback from various Zig communities and made corresponding adjustments.

Read more on Loris’s blog post: The First Zig Website Redesign

The main story here is about internationalization!

You are Invited to Contribute Translations

Until now, has been accessible only for English speakers. This is mainly a constraint due to the languages spoken by core team members. But this website redesign is the beginning of an effort to broaden the audience to non-English speakers - a small step towards making the entire Zig project accessible to locales around the world.

Loris optimized the website build process to be friendly towards people contributing translations. Translations are contributed via pull request; when your pull request is merged, the website will get auto-deployed. If you are interested in helping with this process, please see:

Writing a Translation